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Copyright & Trademark Policies

UbunTube deeply values creators and their significant contributions to the world of imagination and creativity. UbunTube is committed to upholding the intellectual property rights attributed to creative works and seeks to instill a similar appreciation among our creators and users.

Our stance at UbunTube involves taking necessary actions, including termination, against subscribers and account holders who repeatedly infringe on intellectual property rights. We rely on creators to use our platform solely for their authentic original creations and encourage them to promptly report any instances of misuse, theft, or exploitation of their creations.

Intellectual property law involves intricacies and legal nuances in sending notifications and counter-notifications. If you are not well-versed in intellectual property law, we strongly advise seeking legal counsel for tailored guidance before submitting any notifications or counter-notifications on UbunTube.

Copyright Policy

UbunTube offers diverse services to a wide range of clients and providers, necessitating distinct strategies in addressing alleged copyright infringement:

UbunTube acts as a platform uniting creators and their fan bases, fostering a community centered on supporting creative endeavors. Our service does not encompass the transmission of creative material or links to such material through our network or system. Information that traverses UbunTube's network is limited to payment, identity, and relationship data.

Notifications of alleged copyright infringement under 28 U.S.C. § 512 regarding material or activities outside our system or network are not accepted. Our repeat infringer termination policy applies only to direct infringements within our system or network. UbunTube provides a platform allowing creators and fans to store material on our system or network for others to access, constituting a hosting service.

Notifications of alleged copyright infringement concerning material stored on our system or network are accepted if compliant with the stipulations of 17 U.S.C. § 512(c)(3). Our repeat infringer termination policy applies to creators and fans using this service feature.

UbunTube's technology enables creators and fans to incorporate hyperlinks or other information location tools within our system or network. We accept notifications of claimed copyright infringement for these information location tools under 17 U.S.C. § 512(d)(3).

Our repeat infringer termination policy applies to creators and fans contributing these alleged information location tools to our system or network. Copyright claimants or their agents seeking to notify UbunTube of alleged infringing material or activities should seek legal advice on the applicable requirements.

If you believe that specific material stored on UbunTube's system or network infringes your copyright, please submit a compliant notification of alleged copyright infringement using this form or contact UbunTube's designated agent at

For productive dialogue in resolving claims, all information submitted in the notification of alleged copyright infringement, including your contact details, may be shared with the creator or fan responsible for the accused material. If concerned about your information's sharing, consider using an agent for notifications.

For cases involving revenge porn, please contact UbunTube support for guidance, refraining from using the aforementioned process.

Trademark Policy

A trademark distinguishes a person or company's goods or services, such as utilizing the UbunTube® platform. If you suspect unauthorized use of your trademark, potentially causing confusion, kindly contact us at

We will review your claim and may take appropriate action, including removing the material subject to your claim from UbunTube.